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Girly Shota ♥ Neko Loli
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I draw every day; I'm just too lazy to update. :XD:


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Cute art, and stuff for me~! <3


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107 points :iconforeveraloneplz:


♥Custom Characters♥
15 :points:

Sketch: 3 :points:
Lineart: 4 :points:
Flat Colours: 6 :points:
Shaded: 8 :points:

Sketch: 5 :points:
Lineart: 6 :points:
Flat Colours: 8 :points:
Shaded: 10 :points:

♥3/4 Body♥
Sketch: 7 :points:
Lineart: 8 :points:
Flat Colours: 10 :points:
Shaded: 12 :points:

♥Full Body♥
Sketch: 9:points:
Lineart: 10 :points:
Flat Colours: 12 :points:
Shaded: 14 :points:

+1 :points: per additional charater
+2 :points: per additional charater
Flat Colours:
+4 :points: per additional charater
+6 :points: per additional charater

No Background: 0 :points:
Simple Background: 5 :points:
Complex background: 10 :points:

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  • Listening to: KuroNeko and Tenchou- Matryoshka
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:bulletgreen:= OTP 5ever you can't stop me
:bulletyellow:= I ship it <3

:bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:  Sollux ♥ Feferi (if you ship this i will love you 5ever this ship is the doorway to my heart xoxo sweet bbys)
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Dave ♥ Jade (ditto for this ship I ship them to bits idek they seem similar to me)
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Mituna ♥ Latula (aka DOORWAY TO MY HAATO Y U NO DIS SHIP MAKES MY KOKORO GO BROKORO HOW CAN YOU NOT I JUST I'M GONNA CRY I CAN'T THIS SHIP JUST :iconlazycryplz:)
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen:  Eridan ♥/♦/♠ Vriska (AUGH i love them)
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen:  Eridan ♥/♠ Nepeta (eep cuties doki-doki)
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Erisolsprite ♥/♦ Fefetasprite (it's solfef and erinep in ONE GLORIOUS COMBINATION :iconcannotevenplz:)
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Dirk ♥ Jane
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Cronus ♥/♠ Meenah
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen:  John ♥ Vriska
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Gamzee ♥/♠ Nepeta
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Gamzee ♥/♦ Feferi
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Gamzee ♥/♦ Aradia (i guess i just like the weird ones??)
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Dad Egbert ♥ Mom Lalonde
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Kanaya ♥ Rose
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Equius ♦ Nepeta (best classified as a 'how can you not' ship)
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Equius ♥/♠ Aradia
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Vriska ♦/♠ Feferi
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Kurloz ♥ Meulin
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Rufioh ♥ Damara
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Gamzee ♥/♠ Terezi
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: The Psiioniic ♥/♠ The Condesce
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: The Grand Highblood ♦ The Condesce
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: The Summoner ♥ Marquise Mindfang
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Dualscar ♠ Marquise Mindfang
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: The Signless/Sufferer ♥ The Disciple
:bulletyellow: The Psiioniic ♦ The Handmaid
:bulletyellow: The Psiioniic ♥ The Disciple
:bulletyellow: Karkat ♥/♦ Nepeta
:bulletyellow: Dave ♥/♦ Terezi
:bulletyellow: Karkat ♥/♦ Jade
:bulletyellow: Gamzee ♥ Eridan
:bulletyellow: Cronus ♠ Aranea
:bulletyellow: Cronus ♠ Meulin
:bulletyellow: Aranea ♦ Meenah
:bulletyellow: Porrim ♦ Kankri
:bulletyellow: Kurloz ♦ Mituna
:bulletyellow: Karkat ♦ Kanaya
:bulletyellow: Kankri ♥/♦/♠ Meulin
:bulletyellow: Eridan ♦ Roxy
:bulletyellow: Dirk ♥/♦ Roxy
:bulletyellow: John ♥ Rose
:bulletyellow: Jake ♥ Jane
:bulletyellow: Jake ♥ Aranea
:bulletyellow: Cronus ♦  Kankri
:bulletyellow: Rufioh ♦  Aranea
:bulletyellow: Aradia ♥/♠ Feferi
:bulletyellow: Sollux ♣ Terezi ♣ Eridan
:bulletyellow:Tavros ♥/♠ Vriska
:bulletyellow: Gamzee ♥/♦ Tavros
:bulletyellow: Equius ♥/♠ Aradiabot
:bulletyellow: Sollux ♦ Aradia
:bulletyellow: Eridan ♦/♠ Feferi
Prone to update-ness.


KarakuriPanda's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello! Welcome to my deviantart page!

Stamp: Karkat by Shendijiro Stamp: Kankri by Shendijiro Gaara Stamp by green-tk Sasori stamp :3 by bettwitch
axel stamp by 100percentapplejuice Dell Honne by just-stamps APH: I love Prussia Stamp by Chibikaede Drocell stamp by Iris-icecry

i don't have a thing for boys with red hair/red eyes/have to do with the color red haha that's absurd… :iconpapmingplz:

Hetalia OTP:
USPh Stamp by KarakuriPanda USPH Stamp by sigalawin USPiri Stamp by ChokorettoMilku

Favorite Hetalia Ships:
:thumb363679451: :thumb362088159: :thumb363672467: :thumb362089759:
:thumb363686236: :thumb361913487: :thumb361898623: :thumb362086646:

Vocaloid OTP:
K a g a m i n e - S t a m p by aries95a Stamp: Kagamine by OsirisMaru

Pixel by Luumies

Favorite Vocaloid Ships
Miku x Kaito Stamp by Saigyou-Aia Gakupo Luka by just-stamps KiyoMei Stamp by KarakuriPanda Piko Miki stamp by LadyOgien

Naruto OTP:
NaruHina kiss - Stamp by Kaorulov NaruHina Stamp by Aedai Naruhina - Stamp by Kaorulov
NaruHina Icon UNFINISHED by pixielog
Pixel by pixielog

Favorite Naruto Ships:
Minato x Kushina - Stamp by Kaorulov SasuSaku - Stamp by Kaorulov NejiTen Stamp by Aedai SUIKA Stamp by zwinkyaddicted
ShikaTema Stamp by verauko STAMP: ShikaIno. by sop3-STAMPS Saino Stamp by Aedai Kiba x Karui Stamp by Jyukai-Koudan
ShinoHana stamp by Jyukai-Koudan AsumaXKurenai Fan Stamp by mistressmaxwell KonoHana Luff Stamp by Miyazaki-A2 Badge: Sasuke x Mei by TheRedKunoichi

Homestuck OTP:
:thumb344565448: Flushed Sollux Feferi by UsagiGami :thumb311975127:
jazz for your soul by tearzahs
Pixel by tearzahs

Favorite Homestuck Ships:
Flushed Dave Jade by UsagiGami Flushed Mituna Latula by UsagiGami Flushed Equius Aradia by UsagiGami Flushed John Vriska by UsagiGami
Flushed Tavros Vriska by UsagiGami Flushed Kanaya Rose by UsagiGami Flushed Dad Mom by UsagiGami Pale Equius Nepeta by UsagiGami
Pale Horuss Meulin by UsagiGami Pale Kurloz Mituna by UsagiGami Pale Cronus Kankri by UsagiGami Pale Meenah Aranea by UsagiGami




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AstralSonic Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hello! ^^ I see you've made two Sonaze fan children, and I was wondering if you would like me to include them into a huge artwork I'm working on! :D
It's a gift for both the Sonaze community and this group: :iconsonazegroup:
Chibi-from-hell Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Yeah, Hi, I don't know if you use this account or not anymore, or if you're active on here or not, But I just want to tell you that I've mentioned you in two of my submissions.
ScruffMuhGruff Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for faving, means alot :D
Bunnychan123 Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I want to be your frieend
randomsketchez Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Professional Filmographer
thanx for the devwatch! ^_^
TheSilentMistress Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2013  Student Writer
Hey, I'm redesigning Karoi. It's been a really long time lol. And I deleted her genderbender 'cuz I was thinking she'll be a single VOCALOID OC without one.
KarakuriPanda Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! :D Looking forward to it~! c:
TheSilentMistress Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Student Writer
[link] Here she is~! :heart:
Kattinx Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the :+fav:
meno625 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013
Thanks so much for the fav!
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